Working with a microphone is pure fun, which can bring a lot of satisfaction. Creating characters and events with just a voice is always a challenge. What is the most beautiful about the radio is not saying anything to the end –  only the listener can fully realize the world. Working with the microphone allows others to fully hear their imagination.




Himbo Alf – dir. Mateusz Pakuła – Polish Radio in Warsaw
Rick i Morty – dir. Mariusz “Arno” Jaworowski


Things I did not throw out – dir. Ewa Ziembla
Jungle People – dir. Mateusz Pakuła
Gate 0 – dir. Michał Zdunik


Wilq Superhero – dir. Tomasz i Bartosz Minkiewiczowie
Pawn – dir. Ewa Ziembla
Vampire – dir. Ewa Ziembla
Till the end – dir. Julia Mark


Comebacks – dir. Katarzyna Michałkiewicz
Elegant killer – dir. Ewa Ziembla
Seven – dir. Barbara Gawryluk
Takeover – dir. Ewa Ziembla


Divine Comedy: Heaven – dir. Katarzyna Michałkiewicz
Lord Kantor – dir. Mateusz Pakuła
A long movie about love – Director Ewa Ziembla
Mordor will come and eat us, or the secret history of the Slavs – dir. Barbara Gawryluk


Behind the iron curtain radio – dir. Ewa Ziembla
Men in fire – dir. Katarzyna Michałkiewicz


Dumanowski. Documents from a rediscovered biography dir. Jan Klata The Wedding – dir. Andrzej Seweryn


Readers’ letters – dir. Wojciech Markiewicz


Meteoria – dir. Olga Woszczyna
Which of you committed a genocide? – dir. Romana Bobrowska