Working at the university requires “caring for the child in yourself”, which I think should be the basis of the acting profession. The Academy is a meeting with beautiful, sensitive and talented people, full of hope. Teaching the acting craft is a huge responsibility, which force you to continuously develop and improve your own skills, to be able to manage every scholar task.




Currently – 2012:
Independent teacher at the Acting Department of the AST in Krakow


2021 – 2019:

Translation of a book: The Method Acting Exercises Handbook by Lola Cohen – transl. PhD with habilitation Daniel Przastek, PhD Wiktor Loga



Masterclass based on the Impro techniques by Keith Johnstone at New Art Boulevard – tchr. Wanda Skorny, Wiktor Loga


My anxiety is carrying a weapon – dir. Wiktor Loga


Awarding the title of Doctor of Performing Arts at AST in Krakow
The Marriage – dir. Wiktor Loga
Masterclass at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona – tchr. Wiktor Loga
Masterclass at Fringe Festival in Nancy – tchr. Wiktor Loga


2015 – 2010:
Assistant to Jerzy Trela at the Acting Department of the AST in Krakow


Winner of a scholarship for outstanding young scientists awarded by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education


A suicide – dir. Jerzy Trela (assistant dir. Wiktor Loga)


Ladies and hussars – dir. Jerzy Trela (assistant dir. Wiktor Loga)


2010 – 2009:
Assistant to Małgorzata Hajewska – Krzysztofik at the Acting Department of the AST in Krakow


Yvonne, the princess of Burgundy – dir. Małgorzata Hajewska – Krzysztofik (assistant dir. Wiktor Loga)